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anoncvs provides read-only access to this source repository over ssh and cvs.

  1. ssh runs on non-default port 1996. Add this block to ~/.ssh/config:

  2. Host anoncvs_messagemode2
        HostName messagemode2.com
        User anoncvs
        Port 1996

  3. Checkout with anoncvs:

    cvs -d anoncvs_messagemode2:/cvs checkout -P ports/emulators/flycast/

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[TXT] Makefile  1.53   8 months  namtsui   actually use glslang-default-resource-limits.a. remove dist target. delete some ...
[TXT] distinfo  1.17   8 months  namtsui   try to link against glslang-default-resource-limits.a. fails make port-lib-depen...